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Naruto Figurines
Naruto Figurines
Manga and anime are popular entertainment in Asia, specifically in Japan. These genres are also cult favorites for people worldwide, who collect all sorts of items connected to the series they like, including action figures. Naruto is one of the most popular among these series, so it is natural that people try to find Naruto action figures.

What is Naruto

Naruto is a manga series written by Masashi Kishimoto and published by Shueisha in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine since 1999. It is still being published to this day, with 63 volumes out so far, and has even been published in English.

Besides the manga series, Naruto has made it across to a variety of other media formats, including three anime series and nine films, along with video games and a cards game.

History of Naruto

The ninja village of Konoha endured a massacre by a Nine-tailed Dragon Fox twelve years before the start of the series, leading the ninja leader to sacrifice his life to seal the demon inside his child Naruto Uzumaki.

Naruto isn't treated very well throughout his life, and doesn't actually know why because it is forbidden to talk about the subject. He eventually finds out the truth through a trick by a renegade ninja.

Naruto and two others are later picked to be a part of a team which goes on missions ordered by the villagers, under the tutelage of a seasoned ninja sensei. Trouble is, although Naruto is serious about becoming a village leader and the best of ninjas, his tendency towards troublemaking is no aid in him finishing the Ninja Academy. And with the fox trapped inside of him, his destiny is far more complicated than his ambitions.

Characters in Naruto

Although it has lots of villains and antagonists, as only natural for a series that has been running for as long as Naruto has, there are only four major characters in the manga:

Naruto Uzumaki is the title character and the focus of the series. Naruto has grown to be a troublemaker as he seeks the attention that the elders have denied him because of the beast that lives inside of him. He is however a happy and good-natured character, who makes friends easily. His ambition is to be the best ninja ever, and hence the reason he is in the Ninja Academy.

Sasuke Uchiha is the most gifted of Naruto's classmates, and also a part of an important clan. He is driven by a desire for revenge on a mysterious opponent who wronged his family. Sasuke is Naruto's rival, along with being a part of Team 7. He has a withdrawn personality because of his focus on revenge, but this changes over time.

Sakura Haruno is another of Naruto's classmates, and forms a complicated dynamic with the 2 boys. She has a crush on Sasuke who doesn't feel the same way about her, while Naruto has a crush on her for which she regularly teases him. She is the only girl in Team 7.

Kakashi Hatake is the sensei and leader of Team 7. He is easy going which helps the team, but takes a detached attitude to training. He was trained by Naruto's father and has a reputation for being a skillful ninja.

Naruto Action Figures

There are lots of Naruto figurines from lots of sources, brands, and price points. There is even a collection from toy giant Mattel, which includes a full set of the anime character figures, along with individual ones and accessories.

However, the best sets right now are those from Naruto Shippuden, the current of the anime series, which focuses on Naruto's later life, from which a set has been released by American anime toy specialist Toynami, which holds the license to the Naruto franchise, and a new one is coming soon to the American market.

Why you should buy Naruto collectibles online.

Any hobbyist will know that nowadays the internet is the best source to find collectibles, specifically those that are unique or tough to find. Although Naruto is popular in Asia and is licensed in the United States, as something that is not mainstream, it absolutely falls into this category.

It is much easier and a lot more hassle-free to buy action figures online than to travel many miles so you can find that specific figure in that specific outlet or convention. And why should you need to? There's an enormous selection to pick from online, from auction internet sites like eBay, to Amazon and specialized online shops.

And there's even the possibility of finding original Japanese memorabilia, which would be close to impossible in person, not to mention much too expensive. With the security that is provided in online marketplaces nowadays, there are no excuses not to buy Naruto Action Figures online.

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