Sunday, March 23, 2014

Tourism in Tinos
Tourism in Tinos
The stunning Greek island

of Tinos is amongst the

most fascinating and

exquisite and delightfulpleasant and

exquisite of all the islands within

the group known as the Cyclades. The

architecture of the island is greatly

influenced by the Venetians, especially the churches and chapels which are

spread around the island.

If you are searching for a destination that is away from the crowds and noise of

some of the various other

famous Greek islands, Tinos is a fantastic island for your summertime vacations. It

offers plenty of relaxation and peace, and is a perfect escape from the stress of

daily city life.

You'll find a great number of lovely beaches where you can enjoy a swim in the very blue waters of the Aegean.

The landscapes you may enjoy here

are awesome and you will certainly fall in love with the natural appeal of Tinos.

You are able to get to Tinos by ferry boat with a

range of daily services running to the island

during the summer season. The 2

ports of Athens and Rafina in South-East Attica have

frequent ferry connections to the island, plus some of the other islands within the Cyclades

such as Mykonos, Andros and Syros.

The wonderful island of Tinos is

an excellent choice if you are looking for a holiday destination in

Greece where one can really unwind

and relax. It has a great range of accommodation for your

stay, as well as many lovely local tavernas and cafe bars where you

can have a meal or drink.

Tinos is an authentic Greek island and

one where you will certainly enjoy a

spectacular holiday in Greece.

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