Wednesday, March 12, 2014

7 Logical Reasons Why Company Web sites Will Always Be Essential
7 Logical Reasons Why Company Web sites Will Always Be Essential
One question that always pesters me is that - " I am a little business, do I really need an internet site for it?" Having a beneficial internet site for your business is even more critical now that technologies like Twitter and Facebook make it easier for more people to find you. And here are more reasons why online presence for your business is vital:

1. First and foremost reason is to be found when clients or leads attempt to reach you. You cannot give your business card to everyone out there. In order to search for products and services customers need, they do research on search engines - Google, Yahoo etc and on Social Networks Websites - Facebook, Twitter etc.

2. Optimization - Websites (and blogs) are usually very important for ranking well in search engines. Much of Facebook is still a walled garden that is invisible to search engines.

3. Primary Activity - People are on Facebook for entertainment or to see what’s happening with their friends or family. But remember, people do not visit social sites to look out for business and promotional offers, so just Social media presence isn't enough.

4. Control - You'll need a destination on the internet that you own, where you control the information and the data. Facebook can change their site or terms of service at any time (they’ve already done that numerous times).

5. Website is another way to enhance experiences of your customers thus providing value to them. These robust experiences for visitors are better delivered through websites than any other platforms. This means that you can be better at providing visitors the content that they’re looking for, as well as the opportunity to create web applications for more value to your visitors.

6. Branding - Websites also allow you more control over your branding. While websites like Facebook allow some customization, it’s still inside Face book’s shell. Companies are able to control all aspects of a design with a website.

7. There are several analytical and business intelligence tools available for Websites. These tools provide a great deal of information as suggestions for business, which enables them to make right decisions. Digital tactics are vital in this era of digital age. Facebook and Twitter do provide some metrics (as well as some provided by third-parties), but the metrics are not as business oriented, making it more difficult to measure specific tactics and promotions.

I additionally believe that it is vital for a company to have a internet site (or sometimes a blog can work too) that is working well in terms of providing prospective customers with the info they want, being easy to use, and having the right call to action to lead people down the sale funnel.

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